Featured Artist - The SoapGirls
This week we would like to introduce you to The SoapGirls, a HOT due fom Cape Town, South Africa that is kicking ass and taking names... so be on watch out for these ladies as they are definitely going to take the music industry by storm \m/

The SoapGirls' sound is bold, catchy with great hooks and melody driven where Pop meets Rock with a punk edge, making it hard to place them in any specific genre… 
The SoapGirls, like their music are …. raw, gutsy, innovative and thoroughly … trend-setting. Linked in mind, body and soul, Mie and Mille are simply a force to be reckoned with… As individuals, Mie brings the softness and the pop whilst Mille brings the hardness and the rock.
Although having a birth origin inter-twining both French & African, they have set out to create their own unique brand of music, expressing their feelings through their lyrics and their grit determination to succeed through their musical diversifications.
A long road already travelled, signing to International labels like UMG, who released their debut album – ‘Xperience’, a more poppy/dance era of the girls musical journey, but gave them the Top 5 Hits ‘Sour’, Hurricane In Your Arms and ‘Lucky Tonight’ and subsequent exposure on a number of major South African TV shows/compilation CD’s and National Club Tours.

Two years later and at the end of the day, they simply could not grasp what the “TSG Movement” was really about, so the girls are now full-throttle in crafting their sound, their identity, their destiny.  
Unlike the perception one gets from a visual perspective, these stunning blond ‘sister’s’ leave no mercy along the path they are travelling. One can get a false sense of security from their hugely respectful personas and utter professionalism, but when confronted with where they want to take their musical careers, this becomes a one-way street… their direction.  
Hugely focused and with utter conviction, TSG know where they are heading and with the monumental numbers of Soundcloud plays,followers, their fanbase are 100% in agreement. This is a classic case of letting the music speak for itself. 
Over the past 12 months Mille & Mie have written and recorded over 35 new songs, all a part of developing and moulding what will become the most hard hitting and talked about album from these seemingly gentle souls from South Africa.
Get ready to be taken on a journey that will feed your mind, your body and your soul and be consumed by the sheer musical ruthlessness of The SoapGirls.
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The SoapGirls have landed! 
Their Fresh, Brand New Track and Video BAD BITCH Directly from their UK Tour 2016 

Armed with a venomous swagger, a catchy, riff-oriented guitar grind of international Rock Stars, The SoapGirls unveil their debut single and video of their UK hit “Bad Bitch”, a caustic slice of vitriolic rock’n’roll. 
Alluring, hypnotic, visual and nonchalant, The SoapGirls although born in Paris have grown up in South Africa and are very proud of their South African heritage.  
Given their name by the general public since 2004, The SoapGirls started selling handmade soap at the age of 8 and 9, it was around this time that they started street performing for various causes, which they did for 365 days of the year for 9 years.  
Bad Bitch was written 2 days after The SoapGirls were attacked in Hastings, resulting in a “very emotional and very raw” song. 
This unprovoked attack, involved sexist abuse and took place when The SoapGirls were performing live, with the perpetrators throwing copious amounts of red liquid over the band. 

“We hated not being able to fight back and still suffer a lot of anxiety when we are performing as a result of what happened, we became slightly jaded and Bad Bitch was born after we decided we would never take shit from anyone ever again!!” 
Bad Bitch sees the girls developing a recognized ‘sound’ with their ever-so-edgy vocals, Mille’s heavy throbbing bass lines and Mie letting rip with searing lead guitar work, creating an insouciant blast of filthy rock’n’roll.

Proud and humble The SoapGirls are a force of nature that inspires anyone to “Follow their dreams and believe in themselves”. 
Described by many in the music industry as being “The New Kids On The Block!”
The Soap Girls have landed, setting the standard of and for the NEW GENERATION of Rock, Grunge, Punk and a serious attitude. 
The SoapGirls stand for freedom and non-judgment. Fiercely outspoken for animal rights, society’s most vulnerable and anti government policies, they write straight from the heart with every song being a real experience, either with themselves or someone close. 
They have been touring the World for the past 3 years; their fan base expands on a daily basis, continuously growing. There is much excitement surrounding these girls who through their uniqueness are a breath of fresh air in this somewhat stale industry. 
They have a legion of fans who call themselves ‘Soap Suds’ and follow the band whilst they tour the UK some have even proudly proven their dedication by having The  SoapGirls logo tattooed on their persons.

These two sisters are fast capturing not only the heart, but the imagination of the British audiences and are being hailed by many as the Queens of the New Generation of Rock and Roll. 
The track was written, composed, arranged and performed by The SoapGirls. 
“Be brave enough to be yourself always, we have only one life that we know of so Rock it and embrace it without losing yourself” - The SoapGirls .
BAD BITCH has just been released in the UK; it catches them in full throttle!!
The track is now available for Download here: https://itunes.apple
Watch BAD BITCH here: https://youtu.be/qbJMgFoAqBo 
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