Featured Artist - Because of Betrayal
'Because of Betrayal' was founded in 2011 by Chaz Nielsen and Byron Horn. 
In 2012 The band filmed their first official music video for Perception and recorded their demo at RedRoom Records. This song seemed to be the most popular and recognizable to date. 
All three songs on the Demo are currently playlisted on International Radio Stations such as Jaspa Rock Show (UK) and Rock Hard Radio (USA). 
The band filmed their second music video for "A Life In The Dust", as well as their Live DVD in September 2013, along with a Documentary about the band - All to be released with their debut Album "Breach Of Trust" in 2014.  
Because of Betrayal has graced the covers of many Local Magazines including the December issue of Fanbase Online Magazine in 2013. 
With Powerful guitar riffs, Soaring Vocals and Fast-Paced drumming, this ensemble of dedicated, experienced musicians have truly gone above and beyond the boundaries of how Metal music is perceived in this forever-judging Media eye. “Much thought and planning has gone into the writing process...” explains Frontman Chaz Nielsen
“This time we’ve all made a point of writing every segment of the song, including the lyrics, together. That way everyone has equal credit and feels more involved in the music.”
The members are greatly influenced by a vast array of Metal in all it's glory and it shines through in tracks such as “The Anthem of Thieves and Liars” and “A Life In The Dust”, where as songs like “Perception” and “Complete Me” show a more melodic side to the bands writing style and capabilities.

Every single song in the set proves to be better than the previous and with such an energetic stage performance and captivating presence, this band surely exceeds all expectations any interested listener would have. 
The band feels that the Greatness of a True Metal song is brewed from pure emotion and perseverance thrown into it. An Amazing, professional, dedicated bunch of Musicians Playing a new wave of Melodic Metal. Screaming Vocals, smart, witty lyrics with a message.  
A Metal Band from the East of Johannesburg that reaches out to your soul, through your ears... A force that drives your senses toward it, only to embrace every instinct within you. Once Betrayed at the core, it ignites a flame that burns right through all the clutter... A spreading wildfire that Illuminates it all... this is: Because of Betrayal
YouTube Video: A Live In The Dust - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwubXocnBtc
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